Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nebraska's Hidden Paradise is located outside of Long Pine, Nebraska. In 2001 My wife and I bought it with hopes of re-building and re-opening. After removing tons of junk and a total remodel we had three very successful years serving steaks , Prime Rib and a huge menu. Catering Weddings, Dances and private parties. There is a huge Pavillion , been there since 1912, that seats 300 or so with a history of dances featuring Tommy Dorsey, Laurence Welk and the entire gammet of every kind of entertainment.The pavillion wil be 100 years old in 2012.
Unfortunatly we inherited a flat roof on the restaurant and kitchen areas. It has totally failed over the last few years. The finger in the dike will not work anymore. We have plans to tear down the 40s flat section of the compound. It will be a long haul and a lot of $. We are dedicated to this diamond in the rough and will not rest until it is re-opened for the area to enjoy once again.
Our family thanks all who love and support this wonderful place and our efforts to bring back HIDDEN PARADISE. Someday we will all be tubin' and chillin' in this beautiful Pine Creek Valley we love so much.
Best regards to all, Barry and Sandra Clark